Thursday, January 22, 2009

The boots, an update

Well, I wore my new boots all day Tuesday, which included a short shopping trip, a couple hours of work (in-house walking), driving, and some walking outside. They did really well! They were very comfortable, and the thing I was worried about (loose-ish heel) wasn't a problem at all. I did get a mild blister on the little toe of my right foot at the end of the day, but I'm sure with wear the leather will stretch and settle to fit my feet better.

Overall I'm more than satisfied with them and will keep them!

...I'm just glad I bought them before I decided to put us on an allowance/budget system ;) Now I think I'm going to save up for these. I need something I can wear with my knee socks!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shopping too much

Hello long neglected blog! It's not that I haven't had anything to post, but that I've been lacking the time and ambition to post it! I got a bit of Christmas money so of course I went on a shopping spree (or two)! Unfortunately for my wallet I spent more than a bit of money... hm. I'm returning one thing so maybe that'll make me feel slightly better...

The first item I want to show off is this purple dress I got from the clearance rack at Charlotte Russe. It's got a vintagy feel and I think it's elegant without being stuffy. I finally (after a long time of wanting one) got a wide belt yesterday so I can cinch the waist if I want to.

Cost: 4.00

I stopped at a local consignment shop (New Enuf) and stumbled upon these amazing shoes. I picked them up with my sister-in-law in mind because they were her size, but I put them on my feet and they fit me! Good for me, bummer for her. They're yellow leather pumps made in Spain. They were even 50% off. Super cool!!

Cost: 4.50

Always a sucker for buttons and happy colors, this skirt caught my attention right away. It hits a few inches above my knees and is both cute and comfortable. Again, it looks vaguely vintage, so I've gotta love it.

Cost: 7.00

OK, here's a major splurge for me. I've decided recently that I'm going to stop buying cheap shoes and start buying more leather. I'm also addicted to boots. I have some amazing vintage black "riding boots" that aren't the most comfortable things on earth. I have black heeled lace-up boots. But I don't have any basic black boots that I can actually walk around in. I found these at 50% off and loved them, but walked away because I dind't want to fork over the cash. I found some awesome trendy boots for about half the price and texted hubby, "$30 super cool trendy boots or $70 leather investment boots," and he answered me "investment," so I hurried back to these babies. They're a teensy bit loose at the heel so I'm trying to decide whether or not to keep them (maybe I could get those little stick-on "petals"?). I love them, so I'm hoping my feet do too.

Cost: 70.00 (ouch!)

Any thoughts/votes/suggestions on the boots?