Thursday, January 22, 2009

The boots, an update

Well, I wore my new boots all day Tuesday, which included a short shopping trip, a couple hours of work (in-house walking), driving, and some walking outside. They did really well! They were very comfortable, and the thing I was worried about (loose-ish heel) wasn't a problem at all. I did get a mild blister on the little toe of my right foot at the end of the day, but I'm sure with wear the leather will stretch and settle to fit my feet better.

Overall I'm more than satisfied with them and will keep them!

...I'm just glad I bought them before I decided to put us on an allowance/budget system ;) Now I think I'm going to save up for these. I need something I can wear with my knee socks!!


becca said...

I'm glad the boots are working well. And those Mary Janes are very worth saving for. They are a good brand too.

Dennis and Sue said...

Ditto with what Becca said!

roddeef said...

OK this is my kind of blog! Just got the link from your mom! Dayna's dance is today...she's wearing her $10 dress and cool 75% off purple flats!

Robin said...

Your blog is really cute! It's fun to hear about someone else's adventures with fashion on the cheap.

Hope you can find the shoes elsewhere- seems like these are out of stock! Been there.

Anonymous said...

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