Thursday, July 22, 2010


Welcome back, Wallet Moth fans!! Sorry for the very...very... very long break! I keep thinking I should resurrect le moths, so here I am!

I've had quite a year... I had my first baby boy, Orion, on November 19, 2009. He's the cutest baby ever (of course) and we've loved having him around. I'm a stay-at-home mama now which is great. Orion is 8 months old and learning to crawl :)

On to the shopping!

This post is all about shoes... more specifically, Naturalizers. My good friend becca, of Fashion Me Fabulous, is a huge fan of Naturalizers and has had great experiences with them in regards to comfort and quality. Lately I've run across some amazing sales on them, so I've stocked up!

These are definitely the most comfortable of the bunch. I'm honestly a little torn about whether they're stylish or not, but I figure a comfortable heel is a good investment regardless. They're leather wedges (low heel) with an adjustable strap. These are from Elder Beerman.

Cost: 25.00

Check out these pretty metallic flats! I love flats but have a horrible time finding a good fit... they invariably give me blisters. These are not excluded from that statement. However, they're a big improvement from all my previous flats and they're very comfortable. Also leather, from TJ Maxx.

Cost: 30.00 (however, I had a gift card so they were really free!)

These are the most recent purchase... Fashion Me Fabulous made me buy them. They're gray with a tint of lavender. They have the cutest heel ever. Now these are not the most comfortable shoes in the world... I don't know if maybe some "petals" for my heels would help or not. But... they're still ridiculously cute.

Cost: 27.00 (they would have been 37.00, but I found a $10 discount code online! Score!)

And that leads to a tip for today: if you're going to buy something online, always Google discount codes for the item or site you're ordering from. You can often find a code for free shipping, a percentage off, or even a dollar amount off the price.

If these shoes spark your interest, you're in luck! Naturalizer is currently holding an end-of-season sale with up to 70% off select shoes! The gray ones pictured here are now 23.70 plus shipping. Happy shopping!

I'll try to keep the posts coming! Hope hubby doesn't mind if I shop for blog material ;)


becca said...

Cute post!

I do love my Naturalizers.

The leather wedges would be good with colorful tights and knee socks. They can be dresses up to be pretty adorable.

Dennis and Su said...

Hey! Didn't realize you'd updated! Hurrah!

V nice!